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In Person Order

In-Person Order Process

We're happy to chat with you in person during our typical business hours Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 CST. However, it's always best to make an appointment to make sure that I'm available to meet with you and discuss your flooring needs in depth. We understand that no everyone's schedules fit into our business hours so we try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate evening or week end appointments as well.

We have a large showroom filled with all of our products so that you can experience them first-hand. We have a child-friendly showroom with and a safe space for folks who have chemical sensitivities or compromised immune systems. This is a no-pressure environment where you can relax and just explore the products. There is absolutely no plastic or luxury plastic flooring or carpets here--just the good stuff. 


To schedule an appointment, please either give us a call at 608-441-3265 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Online Orders

Online Order Process

We try to be as streamlined as possible, but there are so many pieces and parts to what we do, that we cannot offer the robotic easy order online shopping of some of our larger competitors. Our goal is to provide a clear picture of our offering, with a decent photo so that you can determine if you want to take it to the next step of ordering a sample. We process sample orders as quickly as possible and ship them out Fed Ex. The cost of our sample orders is 100% rebate-eligible toward your order. 

We are still getting used to our new shopping cart system, so thank you in advance for your patience if any part of the process is clumsy or confusing. We welcome your feedback on this as we break in our new ordering system. 

If you would like to place an order outside of our business hours, please go ahead and email us your quote request, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We do not have any army of customer service agents here. We are a small business and still feel that it is important for one of us to set eyes on your order request to ensure accuracy. In most cases, we will return your inquiry within 48 hours. 


Shipping Info

We have flat rate shipping for samples, which are typically sent out Fed Ex. If we do not have a sample piece of something you are ordering, we may ship the order out as a partial shipment to at least get you some of what you ordered. Many of the products we sell are new production, so we may need to cut more samples as they become available. 

For all other orders, we quote them out individually due to the varying weights and ultimate destinations for your orders. We will run the numbers to find you all of the the options including very budget friendly shipping. 

If you place an order in our online shop, we will review that order with you to include any shipping charges prior to finalizing the order. We'll keep it as simple as possible. 


Installation Questions / FAQ

Q: What types of eco-friendly flooring does Eco Friendly Flooring Inc offer?
A: Eco-Friendly Flooring Inc offers a variety of eco-friendly flooring options including bamboo, cork, hardwood, and a full range of handmade recycled metal, glass, and ceramic tile. We do not sell carpet or any vinyl products or "luxury vinyl" products.

Q: Does Eco Friendly Flooring Inc offer installation services?
A: Yes, Eco-Friendly Flooring Inc offers installation services for all of our flooring products. Our installers are true specialists in our products with over 20 years experience installing exclusively bamboo, cork, sustainable woods and the rest. Our installation area is mostly in Dane County Wisconsin, but we will bid out jobs outside of this area on a case-by-case basis. Our installation pricing varies depending on the scope of the job. We will offer you an exact quote for the job upon site measurements. We also are happy to offer ballpark pricing for folks early in the installation process.

Q: What are the benefits of using eco-friendly flooring?
A: Eco-friendly flooring is made from sustainable materials and is better for the environment. It can also improve indoor air quality and increase the value of your home or business. It is so important to minimize the toxic footprint in your home and on the planet. Please contact us to discuss this further and look to our upcoming blog posts for more details. We can honestly go on and on an on about why it makes sense to purchase eco-friendly flooring. We welcome your questions.

Quote Form

Quote Request Form

Thanks! We'll send you a price quote shortly.

Hot Shot

Hot Shot

Hot Shot service is available for most of our products. Need overnight delivery or the fastest possible delivery?


This may be a great option for folks have experienced water damage in their home and now need to get flooring asap to create a usable space in their home. This could be a great idea for folks who have been pressured into a plastic-type floor or carpet. This is what we call buyer's remorse. Return that toxic product and let us get you the good stuff. It may be a good option for folks who have a very narrow window of opportunity to make a flooring change such as a house being up for sale or just newly purchased.

Hot shot is the fastest service available--possibly air shipment or an expedited shipment. Even some of our products which may require extended time for production might be eligible for hot shot. 

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