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The rainbow recycled glass series features fused glass. Clear glass powder is mixed with crystals of colored glass and then the different colors are fused together in a kiln. The end result is a sometimes unpredictable blend of colors. The color extends through the depth of the tile, so it will react to light above, on, underneath, or around the tile. 


Some of the tiles have an irridized finish added to the tile. This can offer a dynamic metallic finish to the tile.  The irridized tiles can be mixed together with the non-irridized tile for a bit of balance.


This series of glass is offered in sheets or loose stock of 1"x 1" tiles. Once we come up with a color palette, we offer tile mounting service to provide a finished sheet of glass with regular grout spacing. 



Recycled Rainbow Glass Black Ice

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Sizes: 1"x 1" x 1/4"
    Construction: solid, transparent fused glass
    Finish: glossy (some colors available wiith matte finish)
    Packaging: loose or mounted on sheets
    Installation: same as other tile
    Retail Price: $40/sf 

    volume discounts may be available for some selections

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