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Bernese Mountain dog on warn in wood floor

This series of tile is  very thick and has a rounded bubble appearance. Due to the thickness, it can easily be added to a design with other types of tile as it will be flush to the surface. Glass is impervious to other materials, so it is  suitable for any installation--interior or exterior. Tiles are available in most colors of the rainbow. We offfer a matte finish for many of the colors as well. 



Recycled Glass Tile Dolomite Seaglass

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Sizes: approx 2"x 2" (1"x 1" also available loose or mounted in sheets)
    Construction: solid, cast glass
    Finish: glossy (some colors available wiith matte finish)
    Packaging: loose or mounted on sheets
    Installation: same as other tile
    Retail Price: $20-$50/sf depending on size

    volume discounts may be available for some selections

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