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Scrap aluminum from manufacturing is melted and cast into molds. Each piece is hand cast. The surface texture retains a bit of the irregular texture of the mold and is left unadultered for more of a tin-like appearance. These tiles are perfect for a modern design or in a space where metal would provide balance to a kitchen with too much going on. 


They vary from some big box metal tile solutions, which are cold/machined looking and do not offfer the handcrafted  design element.

Recycled Aluminum Tile Vibrated Matte

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Sizes: 2"x 2", 2" x 4", 4" x 4", 2"x6", 2" x 8",3"x 6", 6" x 6", 1"x6", 8" x 8"
    Finish: Brushed/glossy finish
    Packaging: sold by the square foot
    Installation: Affix to walls using conventional tile setting adhesive, may be installed without grout
    Retail Price: $40/sf

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