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Scrap aluminum from manufacturing is melted and cast into molds. Each piece is hand cast. The surface texture retains a bit of the irregular texture of the mold but is also buffed to produce a sheen. These tiles are perfect for a modern design or in a space where metal would provide balance to a kitchen with too much going on. 


These tiles take on the 4th dimension as they offer dynamic design. The sheen and color of the tile dances and changes as you change your position in the room. They vary from some big box metal tile solutions, which are flat and do not offfer the handcrafted and dynamic design element.

Recycled Aluminum Tile Brushed Glossy

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Sizes: 2"x 2", 2" x 4", 4" x 4", 2"x6", 2" x 8",3"x 6", 6" x 6", 1"x6", 8" x 8"
    Finish: Brushed/glossy finish
    Packaging: sold by the square foot
    Installation: Affix to walls using conventional tile setting adhesive, may be installed without grout
    Retail Price: $40/sf

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