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Bernese Mountain dog on warn in wood floor

Extremely durable version of our bamboo flooring. This is our big dog floor. When you are looking for a floor that is dent resistant and scratch resistant to handle the task of big-dog pet ownership, this is your floor. Tone is similar to Birch and Maple combined. The grain is a fine grain without any real knots. This floor looks great even in the darkest of Wisconsin winters, so chances are it would work in most other environments. Let us know if you need more photos or you want us to shoot a short video for you to examine the planks.

Natural Fibrestrand Woven Bamboo

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Construction: 6" x '5" x "9/16" Strand Woven Solid
    • Finish: pre-finished (Aluminum Oxide Treffert Finish)
    • Installation: May be glued or nailed
    • Retail Price: $6.50-$7.25 depending on quantity ordered.
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