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Bernese Mountain dog on warn in wood floor

Honey Rivers series cork has a very fluid pattern with string been sized pieces as well as even finer threads of cork filled in with granulated cork.  After the slabs of cork bark are harvested, bottle stoppers are taken from the piece and everything that remains will be sorted into piles according to size and color.  


If you are seeking cork but don't want to go as big as burl pieces or follow a linear pattern, Honey Rivers series cork may work well for you. 


The natural cork tone is very clean--not too gold and not too red. This floor would balance out some cool blue or gray walls. Come and bathe in a sea of honey!


Custom stains/colors available for orders of at least 5,000 sf.

Honey Rivers Cork

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Construction: 36" x 12" x 7/16"
    • Finish: Acrylic or Ceramic Satin or Matte
    • Packaging: 17 or 23 sf per box
    • Installation: Floating installation click together
    • Retail Price: $5.50sf
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