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Bernese Mountain dog on warn in wood floor

This flooring uses the same bamboo strips cut from a cane pole of bamboo. 5"of those strips are put through a shredder, compressed and finished. This is extremely dent resistant flooring. the grain is similar to eucalyptus with fine threads of bamboo interwoven. The pecan/walnut tones work well in homes where you desire a richer floor tone. This will also work well with traditional decor and furnishings. 

Carbonized Strand Woven Bamboo

SKU: 0611nd
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Construction: 5.25" x 5/8" x 72" compressed solid
    Finish: pre-finished (Aluminum Oxide Treffert Finish)
    Installation: Nail down or Glue down
    Retail Price: $6.75/SF

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