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Bernese Mountain dog on warn in wood floor


Bambus is our top-selling cork pattern for the last 22 years. The pieces of cork bark are cut into strips and put into a mold where they are pressed to make this linear pattern. The pattern does a great job of hiding the seams of the cork panels. The overall aesthetic is a light amber glow with enough Maple colored strips to give a brightening effect.


The texture of the cork pieces offers a bit of grip so animals do not lose their footing. The texture also helps hide any pet nail markings. 


We have sold it for a variety of different household environments from Modern to Cabin in the woods, the colors are so versatile it pretty much always works. 


Bambus Cork

SKU: Bam1236NKWK
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Construction: 36" x 11 10/16" x 7/16"
    • Finish: Acrylic  or Matte Ceramic
    • Packaging: 17 or 23 sf per box
    • Installation: Floating installation click lock (no glue or nails)
    • Retail Price: $5.50/SF
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