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Bernese Mountain dog on warn in wood floor

Part of our Bambus collection. This chocolate colored cork gives a rich and cozy vibe.  This may be a good selection for folks with lighter colored wood work or very light finishes. The chocolate cork has a "grounding" effect. We have done some designs in spaces with light maples, birch, hickory. This cork planted in the midst of all of those wood tones was a great fit. 


Try this in a modern space with grays and whites--it will warm up the place!  Check in with us to see if would be suitable for your installation. 


Bambus Chocolate Duro Finish

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Construction: 36" x 11 10/16" x 7/16"
    Finish: New! Wear Resistant Ceramic Finish, edges are pre-sealed, 0% VOC
    Packaging: 8 planks per carton (23 SF)
    Installation: Floating installation click together (no glue or nails)
    Retail Price: $6/SF

    **may be eligible for underlayment promotions

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