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Vote Cork for the Winter!

People have been asking me for decades about why cork is Eco-Friendly. Take a close look at this tree trunk. The cork we use for flooring comes from the Cork Oak tree. The bark (a couple inches thick) is cut carefully from the tree trunks so that it can be used for bottle stoppers and for other products. A cork producer can fetch $2 USD for a single cork if it is dense enough. So, the bottle stopper business is really the core industry for this product. Since so many wine producers have moved to plastic bottle stoppers, cork producers have had to diversify and expand production in areas like flooring to keep their businesses going strong.

As we cozy up our nests for the winter, let's think about putting cork flooring in the mix. Wisconsin winters can be very cold, so we want something warm and comfortable for our home. I beg you, instead of carpet or plastic flooring such as LVP, ---consider something that does not gas out chemicals or harm our planet.

For folks in the Madison, WI area, you can make an appointment to stop into our showroom to experience cork flooring, first-hand. You are welcome to check out samples to see it in your home. If you are outside of the Madison area, you are welcome to order samples and if you would like to see more installation shots, just let us know and we'll send over some examples. Eco-Friendly Flooring Cork for the win!

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