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Use color to Wake Up your Creative Brain

I have seen it happen so many times in my showroom that people reach out to us because they know they want change. But, when confronted with all of the options, they freeze. Being given so many choices to design your backsplash can be overwhelming.

I say, have some lunch at one of our local restaurants, grab a coffee, and let's dive right in! Usually folks will gather up other design elements that interest them, and we'll use that as starting point as we put together a design concept. Some people like to be very involved in the tile design, whereas others would like us to design it for them.

We set up our work table with white paper and start to bring out bins and bins of colored glass. I start to mount several tile groupings to see what might work. Eventually we come up with one or two options that are contenders. I send you away with the mounted tile to view in your kitchen.

For folks outside of our installation area, we do all of this virtually. I then send the sample mounted tile sheets for viewing in your home. For folks local to Madison, WI we also offer installation service.

So, come and play. Give us a call to book your time, and let's see if we can wake up your kitchen.

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