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Delete your carpet, I repeat. Delete your carpet.

We couldn't wait for our client to do her touch up painting. These gorgeous stair treads are far to beautiful to keep hidden away in my inbox. Our client was determined to rid her home of carpet before Wisconsin winter sets in. Often the most heavily trafficked areas of the home--the entry way steps have got to be able to take a beating. The home already had hardwood installed in most of the other areas. We selected something that offered a bit of contrast so as not to have a mis-matched looking situation.

Seen here is our Norfolk sustainably harvested, prefinished White Oak flooring and our custom-built Eco-Steps. The flooring has a cozy Chestnut vibe with the character you might find in reclaimed warehouse planking.

If you like the look of our Eco-Steps, but would like us to produce them in any of our other sustainable wood floor options, no problem. Give us a call or send us a note to go over details.

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