Stone River Rocks

Stone tiles are our top choice for wet areas. Because of their timeless design that never goes out of style, stones are less likely to be removed and thrown out than ceramic tile or vinyl. Likewise, if the materials need to be removed, they may be reused for landscaping with no detriment to the natural environment.

Limestone and tumbled slate are great for bathroom or entry areas where slip-resistance is a necessity. These stones are also more gentle on bare feet than a clefted slate.

Stone tiles are also very receptive to passive solar heating, as they will hold and radiate heat long after the sun goes down.

When selected from well-managed quarries, stone tiles are a great alternative to ceramic or vinyl for wet areas, and their natural beauty will last the life of the house and beyond.

Construction: 12" x 12" mesh-mounted mosaic sheets

Installation: Install similar to other tile, using thinset mortar and grout. Can also be used over radiant floor heat systems

Maintenance: Clean with damp mop and stone soap, vacuum. Should be sealed using stone sealant to prevent soap scum build up and to make it easier to clean.

Delivery: Usually within 1-10 business days after placement of order

Pricing: River Rock Stone Mosaics are $12 per square ft.

Cloud River Rock

Earth Medley River Rock

Gold River Rock

Iron Ore River Rock


Smooth Black River Rock


Tumbled River Rock Pebbles - Natural White


Tumbled River Rock - Natural White