Linoleum is a durable, biodegradable material that is comfortable, warm and quiet. Constructed from all natural ingredients, this flooring is a truly low-tox flooring option.

Our floating linoleum floor planks are also hypoallergenic and antistatic; this makes it a wonderful choice home, office or medical facilities. With the antistatic qualities linoleum repels dust and dirt. Linoleum is an excellent option for playrooms or work out areas. Linoleum is resilient to rolling furniture and equipment wheels; often a concern when selecting the proper flooring material.

This product is available in 32 different colors to coordinate with any interior design.

Construction: 19.5" x 19.5" x 2.5mm (approx 1/8"). (52.75 SF per carton = 20 tiles)

Installation: Glue down squares over your clean and grease/dirt-free subfloor. We offer 0% VOC glue which can be used for this purpose. Can be used over radiant floor heat systems. Easy DIY project, as no seam welding is required.

Maintenance: Clean with damp mop, vacuum. Does not require site sealant. Can be refreshed with caranuba wax.

Delivery: Usually within 1-10 business days after placement of order. {20 colors in-stock (designated by the * symbol next to each color name below)} Other colors can be ordered on a special order basis. Lead time may be extended to 4 weeks or more and minimum order size may apply for some non-stock colors.

Pricing: $5.00/sq.ft. volume discounts for orders over 500 sf.


Bright Brick 645

Brick 641

Firehouse 674

Deep Purple 618

Sunflower 612

Marigold 628

* Maize 634

Adobe 615

Caramel 616

*Khaki Silver 623

* Limestone 622

* New Marble 624

Serengeti 607

Wool Skein 601

* Burlap 911

* Flax 625

Soft Grey 672

* New Graphite 604

* Black 674

* Cocoa 632

* Blue Black 622

Light Denim 669

* Blue Grey Marble 665

* Blue Violet 663

Teal 677

Safari Verde 650

* Antique Green 751

Wheatgrass 695

*SilverGray 685

* Smoky Mtn 692

* Comet 673

* Cloud Gray 684