Recycled Glass Tiles

We offer over 160 different colors in our recycled glass tile color palette. Click on the photo of the individual tile to see available sizes and pricing for that tile. Tiles are sorted and priced according to a series number which is next to each color name. The color palette is also available for viewing when you order samples with our online sample cart.

Snow Seaglass 170

Buttercream Glossy 105

Buttercream Seaglass 141

Surf Glossy 528

Surf Seaglass 547

Ice Cube Glossy 114

Ice Cube Seaglass 150

Clear Glossy 537

Clear Seaglass 551

Cloud 204

Coke Bottle Clear 205

Rosewater Glossy 511

Blush Glossy 520

Pale Plum Glossy 501

Iris Pink Glossy 1807

Iris Pink Seaglass 1856

Pale Lilac Glossy 126

Pale Lilac Seaglass 162

Violet Glossy 135

Violet Seaglass 171

Plum Glossy 531