Recycled Glass Tiles

Rainbow Glass Mosaics are available in iridized or non-iridized tiles. We frequently custom blend these tiles to get an exact fit for our clients. So---if you like the Opal, for example, but want a few lime accents or if you like the Mixed Murano, but want to throw in some amber pieces---we can do that.

If you would like a custom blend, please contact us to discuss, and we can do a mock up for your review. Typical lead time on a custom blend is about 1 or 2 weeks depending on how many square feet you need. We mount these tiles with a clear tile tape so that you don't see the mesh through the back of the tile.

Rainbow Mosacis Murano Earth Blend R18

Rainbow Mosaics Mixed Murano R19

Rainbow Mosaics
Seaweed Aqua Swirl R20 (Iridescent)

Rainbow Mosaics Clear Blue Violet Swirl R21 (Iridescent)

Rainbow Mosaics Blue Violet Swirl R22 (Iridescent)

Rainbow Mosaics Aquavida Mini R33 (Iridescent)

Rainbow Mosaics Cornflower Swirl R27

Rainbow Mosaics Aqua Stix R26

Rainbow Mosaics - Clear Opal Stix R25 (Iridescent)

Rainbow Mosaics Opal R30 (Iridescent)

Rainbow Mosaics Smoky Swirl R31

Rainbow Mosaics - St. Helen's Ash R23 (Iridescent)

Rainbow Mosaics Milky Way Gray R24 (Iridescent)