Our cork products are durable and provide excellent insulation. You can choose from a wide range of colors and styles to best suite your design.

Cork floors are ideal for areas where maximum comfort and high noise absorption is required. They can be applied to any levelled surface including kitchens.

Why purchase our cork vs. others? Since the business was started in 2001, alot of changes have happened in the market for eco-friendly flooring products. This has lead to many un-informed sales persons giving mis-information to unsuspecting consumers. Also, product originating from Asia has been flooding US markets, creating a highly competitive pricing landscape where suppliers are forced to cut corners to compete with incoming, agressive, Chinese suppliers.

We have always focused on the ingrdients of the product, quality of the construction, and creating the best match between product and our customers' expectations. The goal always being--long term satisfaction with our product, customer referrals, and positive customer reviews.

Our products hold up, they won't make you sick, and we stand by them. We are established business, and we know plenty about cork and how it is installed. We are not a liquidator and you won't find a BLOW out sale here, but you will get good advice, great products, and fair pricing.

Check out our page to find out more information about Cork.

Construction: 3' x1' x 7/16" tongue-groove, click-lock prefinished floating floor planks

Installation: Float directly over existing floor (except carpet) or use a moisture barrier and float over concrete. No glue or nails required.Can also be used over radiant floor heat systems.

Maintenance: Clean with damp mop and a neutral cleaner such as Mrs. Meyers or 7th Generation, vacuum. Can be refinished similar to other hardwood flooring.

Delivery: Usually within 1-10 business days after placement of order

Pricing: $2.75-$5.50/sq. ft. depending on pattern and quantity ordered



Honey Rivers

Textured Burl




Chocolate Burl

Bambus Grege

Bambus Gris (silver gray)

Mache latte floating cork plank, elephant gray mache pattern with duro high traffic matte finish

Mache Latte (elephant gray)

Antique Rivers

Chocolate Frappé

Honey Rivers cork plank unfinished, smooth cork on click lock tongue and groove plank

Honey Rivers (raw, unfinished planks to be finished on site)

Mache cork planks- unfinished raw cork which can be stained or sealed with wax or natural oil on site

Mache cork plank (raw, unfinished planks to be finished on site)